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Club Policies for Hunting and Fishing
Bird Hunting

1. The starting time for hunting shall be 7 a.m. on stocking days,

at all locations. On other days, starting times shall be

one-half hour before sunrise.

2. The daily bag limit for senior members is 2 birds per day.

Junior members are allowed one bird per day.  Weekly limit for

senior members is 4 birds per week.  

Junior members are allowed 2 birds per week.

3. Jr. Members [under age 16] must be accompanied by

Senior Member while hunting.

4. Stocking dates will be determined by Bird Committee.

5. Dogs may be run on club property.


6. Dogs must be kept on leash while walking to hunting location and after the party’s limit has been reached. 


7. On days that the skeet and trap fields are open to the public, hunting within 500 feet of the ranges will not be allowed after       3pm.


8. Jr. Members must show proof of Safe Hunter Safety certificate before hunting on Club grounds.



Game Hunting


1. All state hunting restrictions must be followed at all times.


2. At least a hind quarter of every deer taken from the club property will be returned to the club.


Here are a few guidelines to follow when fishing the pond:


  • 2 fishing rods per person maximum

  • Use barbless hooks for catch and release

  • No minnows/shiners/or other fish for bait unless caught in the pond

  • No corn for bait

  • 4 fish per day limit

  • 8 fish per week limit





1. Stocking dates of fish are to be determined by the Fish committee.


2. Bag limits for fish: Sr. Members - 4 per day and 8 per week; Jr. Members - 2 per day and 4 per week.


3. Live bait may be used at all times.  Shiners must come from the club pond.


4. Family Member's catch (unless a junior member) is to be included in Sr. Member’s limit. 


5. Chumming with any bait is prohibited.


6. No boats are allowed on pond.


7. Family Members are not allowed to fish without Sr. Member present on property.


8. No swimming in pond.


9. All fish caught shall be recorded in log book located in fish box.


10. For those who want to release fish, barbless hooks (single hook lures and flies only) shall be used.


11. Cleaning of fish in pond is prohibited.


12. Baitfish caught in pond should only be used in the pond and not taken off the premises.



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